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4 Wellness Benefits, 1 Superblend

  • benni Stamina delivers 4 essential wellness benefits all in 1 tasty citrus superblend that promotes maximized hydration, a slow-releasing boost of energy, prebiotics for a healthy gut, and anti-inflammatory turmeric through adaptogenic and antioxidant-rich ingredients.


Plant Based


100% Natural

Gluten Free


Gut Support






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Steph C. about Stamina on 5/16/19

Benni became my hydration salvation

Not only does Benni allow me to enjoy drinking water with all the other valuable ingredients; it fits my lifestyle so perfectly. As a firefighter, being hydrated and having stamina is incredibly important, and what’s nice about Benni is that I do not have to sacrifice taste to receive the benefits of Benni. The organic lemon, blood orange and organic lime extracts give this powder a delicious taste that is comparable to the Sunny-D I had as a kid, without all the high fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy additives.
Niles P. about Stamina on 5/8/19

It starts working fast

What I like most about benni is the long-lasting, even boost of energy I get from it. It starts working fast, doesn't make me feel jittery, and I don't experience any kind of crash afterward. It adds a nice, light citrus flavor when I add it to smoothies, but it's not bad by itself in a glass of water, either! The packaging is great--colorful and eye-catching. People are always intrigued and ask what it is when they see me opening a packet. The ordering process online was quick and easy. The website is very engaging and informative without being overwhelming.
Lauren M. about Stamina on 6/1/19

Not only did I get the extra boost I needed to get moving, I also felt great on the inside!

If you’re anything like me, waking up early doesn’t get easier (15+ years & counting), until recently. I had the pleasure of trying benni Stamina and I started feeling different about my early morning routines. Not only did I get the extra boost I needed to get moving, I also felt great on the inside! I wasn’t having the usual bloat after breakfast. If you’ve been thinking about giving it a try, 10/10 would recommend.
Kim L. about Stamina on 6/6/19

A sustaining energy boost, but it tastes great

I am a fan of energy drinks... I know that’s something that I probably shouldn’t admit to, but they give me a burst of energy when needed and at times, that energy is pretty crucial. The unfortunate consequence of those energy drinks is the jitters, the inevitable “crash,” and not the best of flavor. I recently tried Stamina, and it is a supplement that I can fully support. Not only does it provide a sustaining energy boost, but it tastes great, and I don’t feel guilty about consuming the plant-based ingredients. Stamina tastes like an orange, lemon, and blood orange.. all the delicious and refreshing fruits in one! Stamina feels good and tastes good. I definitely recommend this product!
Hannah J. about Stamina on 6/3/19

Shockingly Unique and Effective

The only thing I can think to start off with is WOW. The taste is mellow, not too sweet but still tasty. I felt very leveled and balanced as well as focused after drinking mine. I mixed my first one with water and loved it but I regularly drink mine in some iced tea. So happy I got to meet benni! Thank you!!
Paige G about Stamina on 5/28/19

the benni boost

I was so excited to try benni after following along with their motivating social media posts and after finally getting my hands on some I can vouch that benni is everything you hoped for and more.
I recently took a road trip and realized since we were leaving in the morning if I drank coffee beforehand I’d be dehydrated and crash half way through the trip so instead I opted for benni and I’m so glad I did! not only was I alert and awake through the entirety of my drive but I also enjoyed drinking something flavorful rather than plain water to keep me hydrated and glowing. I love benni and I would recommend everyone gives it a try!


How do I use Stamina?

Stamina comes in single-serving pouches as a powder. Just stir or shake benni Stamina into whatever you're drinking to add a burst of citrus, hydration, and energy. We like it best with water, tea, coffee, sparkling water, or smoothies. 1 packet = 1 serving, about 12 fl oz.

When do people drink Stamina?

When they need a boost! People drink benni for mental clarity, to wake up, before or after working out, to push through the afternoon slump, to boost their immunity as they travel, to relieve hangovers, and even to promote collagen production in the skin. With 4x the wellness bennifits, benni works to elevate the body and mind with powerful feel-good ingredients that work in the background to make you feel your best when you need it most.

How many calories/how much sugar/caffeine is in Stamina?

benni Stamina has 25 calories and 4 grams of organic sugar per serving. Our organic natural sugar is strictly for function and helps your body absorb the hydrating benefits of electrolytes. Stamina has 70mg of natural caffeine (about the same as 1.5 cups of green tea).


Knowledge is power, right? By spreading digestible and transparent information about our ingredients, we're empowering more people to become well-versed wellness consumers. We've spent time formulating a high quality potent plant based blend crafted for maximum effectiveness. Here you'll find every single ingredient in Stamina and why we knew we had to include it


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