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How do I best use benni?

Our shots are ready to drink and get all the bennifits. Some people even like to mix them into a smoothie or tea, it's up to you!

How do I store it?

Our shots are shelf stable because they're made from brewed tea! We do recommend keeping and serving chilled for best flavor.

Is benni vegan and cruelty free?


How long will my product last?

Our shots are shelf stable for 6 months from the time of production and are marked with a best by date. We recommend storing in the fridge for best taste though it is not required.

Can I use benni if I am pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications?

As is the case with any supplement, we recommend you consult with your healthcare professional before consuming benni if you have a certain condition.

Where does the name "benni" come from?

The latin word "bene" for "well" and wellness is the inspiration. benni embodies a friendly way to get bennificial ingredients accessibly in your daily routine.