How do I best use benni?

benni comes in single serve pouches as a powder. Just stir or shake benni Stamina into whatever you're drinking to add a burst of citrus, hydration, and energy. We like it best with water, tea, coffee, sparkling water, or smoothies. Happy sipping!

How much liquid should I use it with?

12 fl ounces is our recommendation but you can add more or less to lighten or heighten the flavor.

Is benni vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty free?

YES to all three!

How long will my product last?

If stored properly (in a dry place out of direct sunlight) benni will last for 12 months.

Can I use benni if I am pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications?

As is the case with any supplement, we recommend you consult with your healthcare professional before consuming benni if you have a certain condition.

Where does the name "benni" come from?

The latin word "bene" for "well" and wellness is the inspiration. benni embodies a friendly way to get bennificial ingredients accessibly in your daily routine.